Pillow Classification: Types

Good posture is important not only for your beauty, but also for health; poor posture and especially the position of neck can impact the blood circulation and cause headaches, exhaustion, and the feeling of heavy head. One of the best solutions for these problems is to buy a new, high quality pillow. However, there are so many of them offered; which one to choose? Check out our review on pillow types.


These are natural and offer softness, support, and comfort. Today, only high-quality feathers are used for the inside. However, there are disadvantages as well – feathers can cause allergy, or become home for microscopic ticks. They collect dust from the air, and the feathers themselves turn into minuscule dust due to rubbing. Also, with time, such pillows eventually sag.


Down means not the feathers, but the underfeather fluff is used as a filler. These are light, cosy, and incredibly soft. However, they do not provide enough support, and should be used only as a supplement for additional comfort of the head, together with the main pillow. They also have the same disadvantages that feather ones have.

Memory Foam

One of the best fillers currently available on the market. These are made from softer and firmer layers of foam, and due to that they provide both softness and proper support. The foam adjusts to the shape of your neck and head, and when you move while sleeping, it readjusts constantly, so you do not need to plump it. After you get up, it returns to its initial shape, without sagging where your head was. Additional advantages is that synthetical foam cannot become home for ticks or microbes, and does not accumulate dust as much as feathers do.


Microbeads provide great support for head and neck. They adjust to your shapes and keep your head from moving back and forth, which is perfect for travelling. You will have to plump the pillow each time, but due to the microbead filler, its lifespan is extremely long. Also, it does not cause allergy and cannot host microbes.


This filler follows the same principles as microbeads do, but it is all natural and environmentally friendly. Can accumulate a moderate amount of dust.

Neck Pillows

These have special pads to make your neck supported properly during the sleep. You can also choose orthopaedic variation for proper position of the upper part of your spine.

Body Pillows

These are godsent for pregnant women, or in fact for anybody who needs to place their body parts on different levels when sleeping. If your body often feels numb after night sleep, it means you have to enhance your blood circulation, and body pillow is one of the solutions. You can place it under the spine, lower back, or between the knees.

Now you know what kind of pillow to choose for the utmost comfort!

Pillow Classification: Types
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