Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress – What Are the Differences?

A night of good deep sleep is an obligatory condition of health, productivity, and good mood during the day. Many people, however, feel sleepy, unproductive, lazy, and tired all day long, having no idea there is nothing wrong with them personally. The main reason for their poor quality of life may be their mattress.

If you cannot sleep deeply and soundly enough, if the old bed squeaks, if it is uneven, too soft, or too firm, your position while sleeping is harmful to your health. When you wake up, your back hurts, you have headaches during the day, or can suffer joint pains. This condition, repeated day after day, decreases the quality of life to a considerably low level. Eventually, what you really have to do in the first place is to change the mattress.

A good mattress is what everyone deserves. A high-quality one is not too soft and not too firm, it provides a good bounce and allows you to place yourself as comfortable as possible on it. Ideally, the cover of it should also provide good temperature regulation. However, the construction of the mattress is the main aspect to pay attention to.

Today, there are two main types of the mat on the market – spring and springless, or memory foam models. Which one to choose?

Spring Models

The construction is, obviously, big bouncy springs that keep the surface of the mattress level, allow it to sag under the weight of the person’s body, and make the surface flat again when the person gets up.

Although spring models have been with us for a long time already one of the main inventions in the industry of sleep, however, today there is only one benefit they can offer in comparison to memory foam: a lower price.

The lower price is all you get as a bonus because the rest is just disadvantages:

  • such models do not rely on body contours to provide comfort; eventually, due to a rougher relief, they can aggravate the body pains;
  • the owner has to rotate and flip such model on a regular basis to prevent the springs from sagging on the same place;
  • the lifespan of such items is shorter due to the nature of springs that will sag unevenly sooner or later.

Memory Foam

Springless mats are made of the so-called memory foam. This is a non-sensitizing synthetical foam similar to polyurethane foam. On top, it is usually sandwiched with natural covers like coconut fiber or bamboo fiber, to prevent the foam from rupturing. These mattresses are more costly, but they offer a bunch of benefits for sleeping:

  • they distribute the body weight evenly and adapt to the body shapes each time;
  • they do not sag in one place where you use to sleep;
  • they provide enough support due to being made from softer and firmer layers;
  • the average lifespan is 20 years.

Now you know what mattress to choose!

Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress – What Are the Differences?

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